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The Rev. Mark H. Chattin, Rector


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Worship Online

Shortly before the service time, Facebook Live will be launched on our Facebook Page, and on our home page, where there are downloadable service materials so you can follow along.


The current week's sermon is featured on the home page. Sermons from previous weeks can be found here and on You Tube.

Sermon for the Feast of Christ the King

Sermon for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Penteocst

Sermon for the Feast of All Saints

The Good Book Club, focusing on the Gospel of Mark, met Sunday mornings during the Epiphany season, from Jan. 3 to Feb. 16.

The readings, commentary and reflections for the Epiphany session will remain on the Worship Page for continuing study.

The Forward Movement asks those who participated in the Good Book Club (and those who will use these materials in the future) to complete this survey.

Jan. 1-9 readings: Mark 1-4:34

Jan. 10-16 readings: Mark 4:34-6:56

Jan. 17-23 readings: Mark 7-9:13

Jan. 24-30 readings: Mark 9:14-11:19

Jan. 31-Feb 6 readings: Mark 11:20-13:37

Feb. 7-13 readings: Mark 14-15:32

Feb. 14-16 readings: Mark 15:33-16:20

Jan. 10 Commentary: Mark gets right to the point

Jan. 17 Commentary: More miracles and healings

Jan. 24 Commentary: Wash Your Hands, or . . .

Jan. 31 Commentary: Week 4: A three-act play

Feb. 7 Commentary: Week 5: A withered fig tree

Feb. 14 Commentary: Week 6: Very Good News Indeed

Feb. 16 Commentary: Week 7: The End of the Beginning

Jan. 10: Week 1 Reflection -- Jan. 17: Week 2 Reflection

Jan. 24: Week 3 Reflection

Jan. 31: Week 4 Reflection

Feb. 7: Week 5 Reflection

Feb. 14: Week 6 Reflection

Feb. 16: Week 7 Reflection