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Beef Chili for February

A portrait of the Holy Trinity soup-making crew: Its efforts finance meals for shut-ins.

A shower of split peas cascades into a pot at the start of production of the popular split pea and ham soup, which is one of the Holy Trinity soup crew's most sought-after offerings.

The proceeds of the soup sales benefit Holy Trinity's efforts to provide meals to shut-ins.

Vegetables that have been finely chopped await their future as soup. Holy Trinity's soup is popular with parishioners and area residents alike. What's your favorite? Vote on the order form on the right of the page.

Is there soup today?

That's a question typically asked during Sunday Mass, and, more often than not, the response from a few pews down the aisle is a resounding "yes."

There are six in the crew - five soup makers and a sixth who helps label and pack the orders.

Most of the volunteers have been cooking chicken noodle, hamburger barley, split pea with ham, tortellini, chili and others in our kitchen for the last seven years.

With the closing of the church building in March 2020 by the bishop as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, soup-making stopped, and the kitchen was closed for several months.

Prices are $4 a pint and $7 a quart.

There is an order deadline each month, with pickup at the following Sunday's coffee hour after 9 a.m. Mass.

There is usually soup available for sale in the freezer. Just call the church office.

Thank you for your support, and again, don't forget, there may be leftover soup in the freezer.

For security purposes, when you click "submit," an email with your order will appear with Holy Trinity's email address in the send field. Just hit send.

Homemade Soup Is Back

Please support our soup ministry now that we are back at the stove. We started slowly so that we could adhere to state, federal and diocesan safety guidelines.

For February, our chefs in the Holy Trinity kitchen have made the warm and wonderful beef chili, which sells for $4 a pint and $7 a quart.

Please pay by cash, check or Vanco.

Which soup would you like us to offer next: split pea with ham, cheese tortellini, chicken noodle, or hamburger barley? See the order form to choose.

Soup Order Form

If you prefer to send in or drop off an order form, here it is.

pea soup

Split pea with ham soup simmers on the Great Hall kitchen stove.