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The Rev. Mark H. Chattin, Rector


Here's what's cooking in the Great Hall kitchen

A portrait of the Holy Trinity soup-making crew: Its efforts finance meals for shut-ins.

A shower of split peas cascades into a pot at the start of production of the popular split pea and ham soup, which is one of the Holy Trinity soup crew's most sought-after offerings.

The proceeds of the soup sales benefit Holy Trinity's efforts to provide meals to shut-ins.

Is there soup today?

When Father Mark poses that question at Saturday and Sunday Mass, the response from a few pews down the aisle is typically "yes."

There are six in the crew -- five soup makers and a sixth who helps label and pack the orders. Most have been cooking chicken noodle, hamburger barley, split pea and ham, tortellini, chili and others in our kitchen for the last four years.

There is plenty of soup in the freezer. Call the church office to arrange for pickup during the week.

The price: $7 for a quart; $4 for a pint.

chopped vegetables

Ingredients make a colorful presentation before they become part of another batch of delicious soup in the kitchen of Holy Trinity Church.

pea soup

Split pea and ham soup simmers on the Great Hall kitchen stove.