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Building for the Future

To the people of Holy Trinity Church,

As we embark upon new challenges both in faith and growth, I would call your attention to the late 1800's when the roots of Holy Trinity Church were planted. A vision was established, and people gathered, not knowing whether success or failure was close at hand. What they did was to put their gifted resources to the test. With commitment to their goal and faith in God, they were successful. Now the challenge is ours. It is time forus to put our faith in God as those did before us; and to make a commitment to the future of Holy Trinity.


Joseph Tramontana
Senior Warden

The Challenges

Due to the growth of the parish over the years, our church building has been added to and expanded several times. The result of these additions is multiple levels, which make access to our facility impossible for anyone who is physically challenged. In order to make our church welcoming to everyone, we need to take the necessary steps to make our entire building fully handicapped accessible.

Holy Trinity is fortunate to be located on Collingswood's major thoroughfare. However, since our church building is sitting behind our rectory, it is practically invisible to the public. People all too easily pass by without knowing that we are here. In order for us to attract visitors who are looking for all the wonderful programs Holy Trinity has to offer, we need to establish a visible presence on Haddon Avenue.

Unlike the 1800's when many people walked to church, most of our families arrive by car on Sunday mornings. Parking near our facility has always been very limited. In order to provide complete handicapped access to our building and to ensure a safe place for families to drop off small children, we need to create a parking lot adjacent to our building.

The Solution

With the timely acquisition of the property at 847 Haddon Avenue, we are now in a position to begin to meet the challenges with which our current facility presents us. With the assistance of Steve Schock of Kitchen and Associates, an architectural firm here in Collingswood, we have been able to begin to both design a new wing at Holy Trinity, and to formulate a plan for renovation of parts of our existing building that will allow us to address handicapped accessibility, provide safe and convenient parking, and establish an attractive presence on Haddon Avenue.

The project would include the building of a two-story structure that would extend out from our current Sunday school building and continue along Haddon Avenue across our newly acquired property. Behind the new building is enough space for a 23-car parking lot. A new entrance would be created allowing access to the building from the new parking lot. From this new entrance, people would be able to enter an elevator, which would be designed to reach all five levels of our facility. The new building would provide additional classroom space, a conference room, bathrooms, and a new office suite with a Haddon Avenue entrance.

One part of the renovation includes a plan for moving our beautiful St. Michael's Chapel from the center of our facility to a more visible home on Haddon Avenue. Our architect has created a design that will allow us to relocate the chapel, stained glass and all, and reinstall it exactly as it exists now in its new location.

Our rectory building would be replaced with a garden plaza, which would add beauty to our corner and provide an unobstructed view of our church building.

The Plan

We all know that renovation and construction of this type come with a price tag. Our architect has estimated that a project like ours will cost just under one million dollars. At first glance, that figure may seem like an unreachable goal; however, our Building Finance Committee has done a great deal of research in the area of raising funds for construction like ours. By using funds from the National Church, fundraisers, and other sources, in addition to contributions from parishioners, this goal can be reached in about five years.

As a way to begin this process, the Building Finance Committee has challenged itself to find ways to raise $100,000 over the next 12 months. With advanced gifts and fundraisers, our building fund already stands at $9,000. With your help, we are confident we can reach the $100,000 mark by the summer of 2003.

How can you help?

  • First and foremost, commit to praying for this project.

  • Respond positively to God's call to Holy Trinity to become a more welcoming faith community.

  • Commit your time and talents to this project, which has the potential to impact many lives for many generations to come.

  • Fill out and return your Commitment Card, so that we may know we can count on you to be part of this effort.

No one can do all of this alone,
but if we all work together, with God's help,
we can make great things happen here at Holy Trinity.