< Progressive Lunch

The Affiliated Parishes of Holy Trinity, Collingswood, and St. Bartholomew, Cherry Hill

St. Bartholomew's Junior Warden Lin Williams chats with, from right, Lily Ward and Diane Rugala of the Holy Trinity Church Choir in St. Bartholomew's Garden.

Members of both churches await the start of Noonday Prayer in St. Bartholomew's sanctuary.

A Memorable Saturday in October

Parishioners of St. Bartholomew's Church and Holy Trinity Church gather for lunch in Holy Trinity's Great Hall on Oct. 22.

"What About A Picnic?"

The wheels, as usual, were turning even as the affiliation agreement was signed May 31.

Father Mark already had this plan to bring the two parishes together socially as soon as superhumanly possible, and that is how the "Progressive Lunch" of Saturday, Oct. 22, was born.

The committee of members of both churches first met Aug. 10, just as Father Mark was starting his delayed summer vacation. That was the last time most of us would see him, but all of us recognized the importance of his idea, and, with sadness and determination, we made it happen.

We are certain that he would be pleased.

Theresa Chattin chats with Deacon Colleen Spaeth and St. Bartholomew Senior Warden David Spaeth at St. Bart's.

Holy Trinity Vestryman Craig Burgess, who is also parish historian, waves to the camera as vestry secretary Sharon Wolfgang and Diocesan Canon Paul Wolfgang enjoy lunch. More than 50 people. evenly split between the two churches, enjoyed hors d'oeuvres and drinks at St. Bart's and lunch at Holy Trinity during the three-and-one-half-hour event.

The Rev. Canon Martin Gutwein and the Rev. Jeffrey Kirk line up at the lunch table for chicken marsala and chicken Athena, pasta salad, rice with vegetables and stringbeans and carrots prepared by the Holy Trinity kitchen team. Father Marty and Father Jeff are our hardworking supply priests, who are filling in while we look for an interim rector.

Enjoying fabulous hors d'oeuvres in St. Bartholomew's narthex are, from left, Holy Trinity Choir Director Cindy Chattin, Dorothy Pinto, and, of course, Craig Burgess.

Deacon Colleen Spaeth with Holy Trinity vestry member Al Heavens, who also is a member of the Affiliation Team that brought the arrangement between the churches to fruition.

Holy Trinity Church treasurer Deborah Cruz (left) and Canon Phyllis Jones, chief operating officer of the Diocese of New Jersey.

Holy Trinity acolyte and always-on-call teen Andrew Woolford has lunch while keeping an eye on the kitchen.

Holy Trinity's Senior Warden Yvonne Bones thanks the members of both parishes for attending the progressive lunch.

Fr. Jeff Kirk leads the gathering in prayer in the Holy Trinity Church sanctuary just before the end of the day's events.

Parishioners of the affiliated churches sing "Ode to Joy" to end the day.